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valérie berta
Oct 28, 2016
October 27, 2016, Columbia (Missouri.)

It's Halloween. It's almost Halloween, three days left, and the kids made costumes from scratch, I did nothing. From paper bags and cereal boxes, recycled plastic and paper, and much thought, and what sounded like endless debate between themselves, and urgency, because they are at that age still, not just quite over that age where it truly matters.
This is what the week looks like. I take a picture of their costume in the baroque mess of my house. That and a friend from a buried past visiting in a whiff, a photographer friend, a Mom, accomplished and questioning, working on, work that matters, meaningful and beautiful work.
That the thought of the future opening, light with possibilities, just like that, and the engrossing sight and smell of fall, sweet and acrid, the relief.

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